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GBC understands that time is money in business. Our factoring service will assist you with your business to grow and also to have the financial freedom. This is why our truck factoring service works . Simply give us invoices, and you get cash.

About GBC

General Business Credit has one goal - to deliver our clients the factoring industry's most accessible and streamlined truck factoring service. Our service is easy, fast and simple. GBC's free credit checks and quick turnaround time ensure your business a continuous cash flow. Your invoices become cash. It really is that simple.

Step 1

Take your delivery to its destination.

Step 2

Submit Invoice with BOL

Step 3

Get paid to nominated account

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quick turn-around time would save you from short cash flow.

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We've got a lot of amaing and cool service.

Cheaper & Fast than Qucikpay

Quickpay charges you anywhere from 3%-5% of your transaction value. The average Quickpay can take up to 7 days before your funds are released!

Free Credit Check

We pre-check the credit standing of brokers and customers credit through Ansonia - it is free of charge and convenient.

Online System

Our paperless electronic assigning program is an easy and simple facility for fast cash turn-around. All you need is an Esgin of the delivery to get the money immediately.

No Hidden Fee

We disclose all fees & charges.

Professional collection service

All collections are handled by our professional staff.

Multi Language Service

We can do business in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean.

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At GBC, we understand that cash flow and timing can be critical when it comes to running a trucking business.

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